Fall Vogues!

There are few things I’ve come to loving more in the sewing world than the buzz around each season’s new Vogue patterns!

I admit to being not particularly thrilled with this season’s offerings, and partly because it’s so very knit heavy. I think the first six dresses they show us are knits. I do love knits; my pre-sewing wardrobe is full of them – and not just in ‘basic’ t-shirts. But with this crop… I can already see the visible panty lines popping out of nowhere. How is one to get a sleek back view with Vena Cava’s 1258, for instance…

…without full body spanx? I love the front, particularly the lower half, though I’d be tempted to cut those ties in half (if not by two thirds). I’m also no fan of the peculiar shoulder strips.  My favourite out of the bunch is probably the rather similar DKNY 1257

though with the suggested fabrics of rayon/spandex and cotton/spandex – I’d probably do it in a bamboo knit myself – I’m worried about those lines again. It looks to be a good size too big for the model in the photo, and I’d want to chop those arms to 3/4 length.

I think I want to love 1261 by Alice  + Olivia more than I do:

all of that volume freaks me out a little. But what really struck me with this selection were what i think of as the linebacker dresses. The shoulders on Rebecca Taylor’s 1251 are looking mighty big

but even more so on the line drawing!

The model wearing its doppelganger, 8744

looks like an Olympic swimmer!  The swimmer silhouette is even more pronounced on the line drawings, while the the top of the skirt portion look so much like panties to me.

Ugh. And if two weren’t enough, here’s the dress from 8758…

Fitting into I want to love column is the Vogue basic shirt design, which I’ve seen a couple of people loving. I want to… I just can’t get down with the bust gathering. It isn’t even that I don’t like to emphasise my bustline, but the gathering just seems like such an obvious way to go about it. I’ll take a sleek fit and flattering neckline over that any day.


4 thoughts on “Fall Vogues!

  1. Egads, you’re totally right about those shoulders! The red one just needs more volume on the top of the sleeve cap and then it’d be entering leg-o-mutton territory!

    I have to admit that I’m totally willing to risk VPL for a good knit dress. I find it’s a lot less of a problem if you choose a print instead of a solid. I’m still trying to work up the courage to try sewing knits, though!

  2. I think you’re totally right about the print. It’s so hard to find good knit prints – at least here in Vancouver. It’s hard enough to find good knits period – the kind that don’t roll up like crazy at the cut edge. And so many of my favourite rtw dresses are knit prints!

    Sewing with (good) knits isn’t so bad though a full dress without a serger (which i haven’t got yet) is a bit daunting… have been thinking of going to america (requires me to renew my passport) to get a serger, although I might just plunk down the $450 and buy a new one up here.

    I keep an eye out on craigslist too, but I have that feeling that buying a used serger is much like buying a used car; one doesn’t want someone else’s headache, and I have no real way of telling whether the thing would require a load of servicing or not.

  3. I do have a serger (inherited), although I’ve mostly used it for seam finishing wovens. I did take a course to learn to use it, so I know I am capable of sewing knits with it… I have some fabric stowed away and I think I’ll dive in and give it a try sometime in the next few months!

    I’d be willing to wager that a lot of times people get rid of sergers because they retain their value well and yet collect dust for those who aren’t avid sewists. I would think older, mechanical models would hold up fairly well? The problem of course being that parts can get expensive, especially if they stop making them. (That’s the problem I run into with my serger…) I would imagine it would be reasonable to do a few test seams before committing to buying a used one?

  4. I got a serger! I’m sooooo stoked! A brother 1034d – exactly the one i wanted to go down to america to buy! I tested it out, and it seems to be in great shape.

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