coming soon – burdastyle peglegs. De rigueur, or de regret?

In April, I found myself on an impromptu, just get in the car and go trip to Victoria. And not a go upstairs and grab a few things then get in the car and go trip. I was at school, and we decided to take off. I had nothing but my laptop, my debit card, and a big bag of grading.

Which meant clothes shopping in Victoria. Which was kinda tough. Victoria is one of the towns that is so sleepy and dull on its surface that I’m convinced it must have a fantastic creative underbelly… if only you know where to find it. It surfaces sometimes… Smoking Lily, Rebar modern food, Swan’s brewery (oh the nights with the 50+ dance set showing off their dance moves. good times). But I’m still looking for it. At least for the clothing – or remotely affordable clothing – equivalent. I couldn’t even find an H&M, Zara or Old Navy. (I did find “Northern Reflections”!) I considered Jacob, but remembered my last pants-shopping experience there, and walked out. After two nights – the third day – I gave up and made a beeline for Aritzia.

Aritzia’s a funny old place. They have some affordable stuff, but no jeans under 200. And *the pants* they used to make for 70… they no longer do. I got a stunning jersey dress for $80. But not before I tried on… the pegleg pants.

The salesgirl suggested I try them, and I thought, honey. You see I have hips, right? But given her protests that they look good on many figures, combined with that tendency I have to do anything (legal) once out of morbid curiosity, I packed a silk crepe pair, along with a boat necked striped sailor top, into the fitting room.

And I kinda loved them. With the top. (It wasn’t the nautical nightmare it sounds like…) Not $125 or so kind of loved them, but kind of loved them. They were, as promised, kind of flattering. Still, there was no chance in hell I was going to pay nearly $200 for a change of clothes on my impromptu trip. I’d search up a pattern (never found one). I facebooked that night: pegleg pants. de rigueur, or de regret? Still wondering…

Fast forward to last night; work has been insane. Teaching means a contract always ends with a manic bang rather than a gentle tying of loose ends. When the fellow went into the magazine shop on our way home, I followed him in. Out with me came the Burda style magazine, July issue. A girl needs a treat.

It’s my first issue; I resisted buying the magazine for ever thinking, oh they post the patterns on anyway. Learned the hard way they only post some of them. And there are a lot that look pretty good in the July issue. And I hate taping the pattern pages. (We’ll see how I feel about tracing!)

I bought the magazine for a couple of tops, but it seems they’re also featuring… pegleg pants. And pegleg pants they rate as very easy. Pegleg pants they recommend in silk crepe.

The issue overall has inspired me to let go of ambitious sewing projects for the rest of the summer – after which time, I need to get started on a dress for a wedding. I want to make the kinds of clothes I often buy RTW – things with few seams. Uncomplicated things. Easy things.

Like burda’s pegleg pants, which sadly they haven’t put on the website. In a silk crepe. Which I’ve sourced for $10/metre. or is it 14? no matter. I’m making some peglegs. On my new serger (happy dance). Maybe they’ll be as disastrous as that night at the Roxy – the last time I let morbid curiosity guide my decisions. Colour me stoked.


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