maybe no peglegs after all

Fabricland – what a bizarre shop. It’s all about going through the haystack to find the needle. Their haystack is – I often find – kinda mumsy. But my four – five? – absolute favourite fabrics are from there. The place has its detractors, but when it’s on, it’s on. And often for half off.

I hadn’t been in many months – Dressew’s been my regular in-the-neighbourhood haunt. But I was grading (student work, not patterns) on a holiday, knew they had a sale on, and wanted some cheap thread for my new serger. And so I thought I’d take a bikeride from to my closest location at Park Royal.

It’s been hot – for Vancouver – and just looking at all of the polys they’ve got make me sweat. I’m wanting to move towards more and more natural fabrics, and more high quality fabrics. That place doesn’t do things like crepe de chine – I already know I’m going down Fraser to Rokko’s for that. I brought my Burda July issue to see if I might scout out some fabrics for the 4-5 easy august pieces I have planned. Most of these pieces are knits – and F-land’s knits are pretty meh – but you never know.

I found my needle in the haystack. And just when I say I’m spending my August sewing easy things, I bring silk cotton voile, in a gorgeous golden yellow, up to the cutting table.

I snapped up the 1.2 metres needed to make this top– one of Burda’s ‘easy’ patterns for the month (unfortch, not published on burdastyle and so only available in the magazine), and reviewed just this morning by the Slapdash Sewist (see link above). She did it in the recommended Chiffon and disputes the easy label. hmm. It seems burda’s never what it appears to be.

She made many alterations to suit her tastes and figure, which I don’t think I’ll do (I’m not bothered by sheer nor by a low neckline). She did it straight of grain; I think I’m gonna give the pattern-directed bias cut a go. I just did bias (poly) charmeuse. I’ll be armed with washaway spray stabilizer. I can do this.

And so my sewing plans for this week – A couple weeks ago I muslined up a hoodie, and i have the perfect light jersey to make the ‘real’ version. Then, on to this yellow top. I’m looking at the fabric right now. So gorgeous!


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