Dotted Swiss Sorbetto – the job interview version

The truth is that I’m late onto the Sorbetto bandwagon. My preferred silhouette is drapier on the bottom, and fitted on top; Colette’s Sorbetto pattern – their summer freebie (which is awesome) is “swingy” – i.e. unfitted. Truthfully, my first thought was… Box. (honestly, it feels pretty sacrilegious to write that, only due to it being the beloved Colette. Colette seems to me to be an absolute model of how to run a small business and I’m a huge supporter, but it doesn’t mean I absolutely love all of their designs (ooh… there’s that sacrilege feeling again…)) However,  summer’s been the season of Sorbetto in the blogosphere, and it was Mena of the Sew Weekly’s 7 days of Sorbetto blogathon that got me thinking that it can be pretty cute. She also gave it some sleeves – which I was going to do, but my sweetie printed out my sleeve pattern before making sure that the test square = 4″x4″ (it didn’t). So they were too small to use. Bummer.

The impetus for this Sorbetto – which fits perfectly into my easy-sewing-August plans – was a job interview at a sewing shop that sells Colette patterns. I said in my application that I *could* sew – in case they wanted me to make up samples or something for the shop – and what better way to make the case than to make a self-stitched Colette garment to wear to the interview. My interviewer recognized it straightaway 😉 (no word yet on the job but the interview seemed to go pretty well, at least in the ‘it lasted an hour’ and not because of rounds of uncomfortable questioning way…) With short notice and a pile of term papers to grade, I only had time for Sorbetto. I also only had time to hit up the most expensive fabric shop in town for this $20/metre black dotted swiss – which I already knew they had –  rather than hunt and peck elsewhere. But let me tell you, I am becoming a convert to the posh fabrics; they sew so *easily*…

I like Sorbetto more than I thought I would, and I *love* it in the black dotted swiss… it’s one of those times where i love the fabric more all stitched up than on the bolt. I do quite like the silhouette with the embroidered linen a-line skirt I’m wearing in the photo, and it looks good with a pencil skirt too. Because I’m an hourglass shape with a larger-than-average bust, I’m always concerned that tops (or dresses) that hang down from the bust don’t give me ample waist definition, and therefore make my middle look much bigger than it is. But with a thin and drapey enough fabric, this doesn’t seem to be a problem (of course, my two other recent tops are Vogue 1247… super roomy… and Burdastyle’s also loose cut 07-2011-105).

Here, you can see how it just hangs down from the bust. It’s fine in a super light fabric, but in anything with any body to it… ugh.

And for the backview. I probably could do a swayback alteration, but… I’m just not that fussed about swayback. At least not in a little top.Well no, I’m just not that fussed about swayback period. And apologies for the wrinkles. These were completely pressed/steamed out for interview!

Construction notes

I didn’t have time to muslin my Sorbetto up, which I would normally do before cutting into $20/metre fabric! I just dove right in and cut a straight 6. I didn’t make any construction changes, other than making french seams throughout.

*Given that the fabric was more $$ than I was expecting (I thought their dotted swiss was around $15/metre… my mistake), I only bought 1.25 metres rather than the recommended 1.5 yards. At least in the smaller sizes – and possibly in the larger sizes too – you do not need 1.5 yards. I used < 1 metre. And that’s after making my own bias tape (granted, that takes a 10″x10″ square). I’m cool with scraps, but not so cool with tossing a 7-8$ scrap quite unnecessarily into my scrapbin.

It took less fabric because I changed up the layout; both front and back are cut on the fold. Colette has you simply match the selvages up to make the fold; I had my selvages meet in the middle, which gives you two folds on either side. Such a fabric saver!

Love the exposed bias binding! I made my own bias tape (self-fabric), following their online continuing bias tape tutorial. It took three tries to get it right, but now I’ve got it – and am super keen to make more… much more! It took me about an hour to run the tape through the bias tape maker and press it into place.

What I’ll change for next time

As others have noted, the bust darts are crazy high. I need to lower those by about an inch.

Also as others have noted, it’s a short little top. I’m happy with the length since I’m wearing it with this particular skirt, but I might make other versions an inch or two longer.

Because this pattern can go very box very fast, I’d consider cutting/sewing it on the bias if not a directional fabric (like my swiss dot).


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