Colette Macaron – work in progress

I may have been quiet on here since my last update 2 (!?) weeks ago, but the sewing machine has been a-buzzing. I’m finishing the last two of four Colette Negronis for my sweetie. I’m batch sewing those, and timing myself. So far, it’s been 20 hours of sewing time – ten hours per shirt. But all I have left are the cuffs, side seams, buttons, and hems. And I’m finally getting my edgestitching down. woot!

And I’ve gotten to work on a floral/plaid Colette Macaron. Here’s the work in progress. The dress – made from a poly shantung – is totally not wearable in our current ‘heat wave’ in Vancouver, so I’m not too worried about getting it done straightaway…

I was completely inspired by a similar plaid/floral dress by Versace that I saw a few months ago in Vogue; the plaids/florals were in a beautiful royal blue, and it also has a sweetheart neckline with the lighter attached bodice. I immediately thought: Macaron, and started hunting down the fabrics.

These I got at Fabricana in Richmond, and until I stitched them together, I wasn’t sure if I would like them… like, I was really reticent, and several times thought about going the safe route with the floral up top, and a medium-weight soft denim underneath.

But I am So glad I did the plaid (rhyming not intended but realized). I love these together, and I can’t wait to wear it out!

Yup that’s a crinkle fabric up top, which I bought before ever thinking to myself, it’s a crinkle fabric. I was (a) crazy scared of sewing it, and (b) crazy scared it would look very 90s broomstick skirt/Elaine Benes. I get that the Elaine look is back in, at least in some circles, but… no. just, no.

But it’s been going alright. I put some staytape over the crinkle fabric’s seamlines to make sure those crinkles don’t stretch out, and every few stitches, I lift the presser foot and re-adjust the fabric, just in case. and I Love how the fabric texture and weights contrast!

This is also my first major project, at least in a while, without a muslin. And of course I cut a size smaller than I should have! I’ve had to take fabric out of the darts, as well as the seam allowances. And pledge to hit the gym.


2 thoughts on “Colette Macaron – work in progress

    1. thanks 🙂 It’s my first time contrasting fabrics, and it’s turning out to be a fun experiment. Of course, if it looked horrid, I might feel differently 🙂

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