Colette Macaron sleeves – should they stay or should they go?

Perhaps I should really start to heed what ‘they’ (oh mom’s favourite anonymous ‘they’) say about expectations… you get the expectations high, and you’ll likely feel disappointment. As I admit to feeling with this Colette Macaron.

It’s hard to admit that I’m on the fence about a lot of Colette’s stuff, because I *want* to like it so much. I’m just not sure it’s my style. But I had seen a few Macarons that I thought were pretty cute. And after I put the bodice together, I was absolutely swooning.

But as for my almost- finished Macaron? I’m not sure. Given where the pleats landed, the white horizontal strips are now really dominant. I’m thinking of switching out the midriff for a solid black to darken it, but would three fabrics be too much…?


But my biggest question is about the sleeves. I worry that with them there, the dress makes a quick detour to primville. It’s in part because they are eased in, and given how things worked out, there is a bit of a gathering effect (oooh… i so don’t like gathering…). I was most excited by the bodice before I attached the sleeves on. (And I can’t overemphasize how I labored over those crinkly, fussy, and fraying sleeves.) And so I’m wondering… Macaron sleeves – should they stay or should they go?


5 thoughts on “Colette Macaron sleeves – should they stay or should they go?

  1. I say sleeves should go because you clearly liked the dress better without them! That’s the joy of sewing… customizing 😀

    I also, for the record, don’t think a third fabric would be too much if it’s solid black. I assume you don’t want to use the same fabric as the top of the bodice?

    It looks great!

  2. thanks for your comments ms modiste and prttynpnk (pink or punk…?) 🙂 i think the sleeves are going… i took another look at my inspiration dress, and see that it’s sleeveless – and has a keyhole neckline. I’m noticing this sweetheart neckline/contrast top on a lot of collections, and i think a lot of them are sleeveless.

    inspiration dress (Versus, in Vogue April 2011)

    Hmmm… wonder if it would be too difficult/awful to get a keyhole neckline on at this stage of the game. i wonder if i could just slash into it, and wrap the keyhole in some bias tape, using the bias tape as the tie…? but it just could be moving back into the prim territory i’m wanting to avoid…

    Ms Modiste: i think i’m going to go with the contrast midriff. The pattern called for the bodice fabric to be used for the midriff, but i’m not crazy about that look, and that fabric just doesn’t have enough heft for a midriff piece. only wish i had the foresight to do some piping around the sweetheart neckline. sew and learn…

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