vogue 1174 begins!

I have 25 days to get a good looking Vogue 1174 made for a wedding at the end of the month. At first, I was thinking, well, it’s just a dress. a time consuming dress, but just a dress. Then I started tracing the pattern. 27 pieces. With 16 pieces traced, and 11 to go, I’m already a little overwhelmed. This dress is a bona fide project, and I’m going to have to set myself some milestones. Tomorrow I’m hoping to finish tracing the pattern and start cutting the muslin. If I can get the bodice muslin done by the end of this week, I’ll be happy.

Beginning 1174 means  that my Colette Macaron – and my two Negronis  – are sitting pretty in my UFO pile, along with a long UFO Vogue 1161. Macaron is a heartbreaker of a UFO. I got rid of the sleeves, and made up some bias tape to finish the armholes. Then I re-cut the midriff, in a black poly shantung underlined with a nice heavy-ish satin, and re-attached it to the bodice. Somehow, it’s smaller, and I had to take the pleats in on the skirt (after having to take them out earlier). Now, I’m not sure it’s going to fit when I put the zipper in – or if it does fit, it’ll be *really* tight, but just under the bust, at the widest part of my ribcage. I’ve already cut my seam allowances down to 1/4″. Lesson learned – muslin. Now I fear I have a home-sewn version of “skinny jeans” – the ones you might diet in hopes to get back into.


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