She Taketh! and then she giveth back: Vogue 1174 Muslinette 4

Pattern adjustments continue on this muslin for Vogue 1174. After muslinette 1 was far too large, I pinched out, on my form, the amount I needed to take away. But it was much too much – at least in the upper bodice. At least, there was too little ease left for Mr Muslinette to feel comfortable pinning me into it (though I do think he’s a bit nervous with the pins period). Perhaps I erred in my self-measurements, and so the dressform was set smaller than I am. No matter. I’ve been adding back and adding back… and taking in and taking in around the waist. Here’s where I am now at (dressform readjusted to, well, today’s measurements!):

I’m planning on adding back another full inch or so all around the top, and simply taking in the seams a little (or the zipper…) if it’s too large. (I’m fearing back-fat muffin top if it’s too tight…) While many bloggers have said that this dress runs big, others have said that once they’ve made it up and are wearing it for an evening, they have little room to breathe and eat. I’m wanting to hit the sweet spot in between those two. I’m also thinking of adding an extra half inch lengthwise to the upper bodice. On the dress form, the upper bodice sits quite high on the chest, but my upper torso is longer than the form’s. I think I’ll feel more secure with an extra bit of fabric at the top, and a half inch won’t change the style too much.

This bodice – with 9 pattern pieces – is tricky enough to adjust on its own. The pattern pieces for the lining and foundation (also now needing adjustment) are completely different! I think I’ve got them correctly adjusted to fit. This muslinette is fully lined, and everything fit; I’ll also add the foundation – and maybe the boning. Good to get a bit of practice with that before moving on to the ‘good’ fabric.

I’m wanting to get the bodice muslin done by Friday, so that I can get the good version slowly stitched together through the next week. (though i’m also making tacos for 20 that night… oh ambition). The funny thing about this dress is that it seems to be more fiddly (with the seamlines) than difficult. Lots of pieces, but not any particularly difficult techniques – at least not yet. I’ve found 1161… *almost finished*… much trickier.

Lessons learned:

  • Some of the *9* pattern pieces are the same no matter which pattern size you’re making; others are larger or smaller, depending on which size you are making. When making pattern adjustments, alter the pieces that change. It just seems to be the most straightforward solution.
  • Sometimes, you cut out two pattern pieces only to stitch them together. Read pattern directions to anticipate when this happens, and just stitch them together as soon as they’re cut. Much more efficient that way!

2 thoughts on “She Taketh! and then she giveth back: Vogue 1174 Muslinette 4

  1. I quite enjoy the fitting, but it’s time to stop lest I don’t leave myself enough time for the finished garment! I think it’s going to be really pretty – I’m excited!

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