Exhibitionism on Pattern Review

Was it bound to happen? North American sewists woke up this morning and clicked on pattern review only to find a big bulgy package staring them in the face. Some guy – with “spamlamb” as a moniker – sewed up some underwear – so he says, and ‘reviewed’ the pattern, including a photo that lets us see just how well the ginch highlights his member.

I’m not really into sewing-porn first thing in the morning, so I scrolled down quickly. I checked back an hour or so later – curiosity getting the better of me –  and saw 9 comments… some amused, some admiring how well he cut back the boxer brief pattern to a mostly-mesh hot pant, and some saying, um, some people might be offended. In response, he said that if we wanted more “profile” pics, we could link to his flickr.  Those were the only pics on his flickr.

The review’s now been taken down, and I imagine there’s some chatter on the sewing boards. I’m glad more than anything that it was removed because he was clearly making a mockery of the site and of the very large number of women who are on it at any given time. I wasn’t especially bothered, but I’m sure some women were.


4 thoughts on “Exhibitionism on Pattern Review

  1. I saw that, but was in a hurry and only wanted to look at things I would maybe consider making. Surely there are enough forums and places for him to be silly without bothering the little family of pattern review!

  2. A bit late in my comment offerings on this one. My first thoughts was that of ‘poor guy!’. Us females all sit and complain about how we have to do a FBA on each and every outfit we put together, lengthen or drop our bust darts to accommodate the ‘girls’ comfortably. What on earth does this poor deluded sole have to do each time he makes a pair of pants/shorts/undies??? A FPA??? Either that or he will have to down grade the padding!!!

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