vogue 1174 – bodice muslin done!

I was hoping to have all day to spend on Vogue 1174, but it wasn’t to be. Last night, Mr Muslinette and I had our joint birthday party. I don’t know what happened – maybe I worked too hard on our birthday feast during the day (we made taco dinner for 30 plus 2 cakes) – but I ended up with a horribly upset stomach and unable to eat/drink all during the party. It was awful, and I was up half the night in fetal position. And so I spend much of today resting up, and helping Mr Muslinette with his 2nd party of the day – a bachelor party for which he is the best man. It wasn’t til tonight that I finally got a chance to return to my muslin for Vogue 1174 – that I plan on wearing to the wedding for which this bachelor party is being held (and which I’m really not keen to go to…long story…). I sewed up the foundation pieces, attached them, and quickly put in a zipper to see how it fits. Here’s an shot:

I think that the Mr was a little pin-shy – it still feels like it has a good inch of give. However, I’m overall pretty happy with the fit, and particularly happy that I don’t have any back fat muffin top – my total fear with strapless dresses. And so maybe I’ll enjoy the wearing ease and leave it be. After all, the 3 layers – outer, foundation, lining – makes things complicated to adjust – especially since the pattern pieces for each layer are different.And I only have 6 days left (wedding = next Saturday. Seriously – who schedules a wedding on the Saturday of Hallowe’en weekend – *and* on a Saturday during college football season!? 😉 )

Oh – the dress is inside out on account of me putting the zipper in inside out – so that’s the lining you see! Looks good that way too!

I do think I’ll add that extra half inch or so on the top; I do feel, now that the dress is on the body, quite exposed. I’m particularly sensitive about the extra fleshy bits right at the underarm. I generally find strapless quite a nice silhouette on me, but do feel sensitive about the top cutting into that underarm flesh.


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