Vogue 1174… done!

ok, maybe i need to add those two hanger straps and to put the hook and eye on the waist stay. what can i say… i got this finished about 3 hours before the wedding.

On a body:

First off – sorry for the not-so-awesome headless shot – but I don’t have any photos from this weekend’s wedding! I’m seriously hoping to get some sent (because my shoes were… awesome!!!…). This photo I grabbed with my macbook to send to Mr Muslinette and the bestie to ask if they could see the flaw that was driving me crazy.

Can you spot the flaw?

If you can… I know, right? ahhhhhhh why can’t I be a professional level seamstress a year after learning to sew?

And if you can’t… there no way I’m revealing my mistake 😉

I scheduled 5 days to sew up the final version…

  1. Monday: fashion fabric bodice
  2. Tuesday: fashion fabric skirt
  3. Wednesday: lining
  4. Thursday: foundation (boning etc)
  5. Friday: finishing (hemming, hooks and eyes, thread snipping etc)

Honestly, this dress is not that hard. It’s just laborious. And it’s extraordinarily well drafted.

Nevertheless, two things held me up (next two posts…): the piping, which I didn’t end up using, and installing the bodice foundation (the hair canvas/boning). Not sewing the foundation – that was a joy… rather, sewing it to the fashion fabric bodie and the lining

Oh yeah, and one other thing held me up. I spent all of my Wednesday sewing time shopping for a pattern/fabric for a matching deep blue capelet. I did this because I was seriously worried about the etiquette of wearing anything with white on it to a wedding. Although every etiquette guide I could find says that a white print like mine is fine, the bride and I don’t exactly get along, and she’s the type who might get upset over my daring to wear any white. Although the capelet’s cute, I barely wore it. It’s a little… demure. Which I’m mos def not.


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