Can I Make it Better?: Thakoon Assymetrical Yellow Silk Dress

(source: Net -a-Porter)

This morning, I went up to the Bay’s “The Room” – upscale RTW – department to do a little snoop shopping, and to get a little inspiration. There’s some good stuff, and not as intimidating as Holt’s. I was drawn to this yellow silk Thakoon dress, with this nice seaming detail across the front.

However, if you’re wondering if that’s puckering, it totally is. The one I was looking at wasn’t really puckered – the seams were just *really* loose. Surprisingly so. On both dresses (at Net-a-Porter and at the Bay), there is some fierce puckering around the hem. It’s shocking, frankly.

In a lot of ways, this Thakoon dress reminds me of Vogue 1208:

1208 hasn’t got the seaming – which looks to be pretty hard for *Thakoon’s* sewers… nevermind me with my entry-level Janome. But 1180 (also Tom and Linda Platt) does…

Neither of the patterns have the Thakoon dress’ draping, but could the patterns be altered to include a bit?

In short, I love yellow, and I’m wondering… Can I take the Thakoon inspiration… and make it better?


3 thoughts on “Can I Make it Better?: Thakoon Assymetrical Yellow Silk Dress

    1. you’re an enabler!! I might make the shoulder-bow dress into a blouse… it reminds me of a lemon yellow nanette lepore blouse i fell deeply in love with a couple of years ago at holt’s (but couldn’t afford…$250…). and it would break my heart to put so much time into a dress if it came out all bigbird like. i’ve been poking around online for fabric – it’s hard to find bright yellow silk! hopefully my beloved rokko’s will have what i need!

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