Burda 9635 Ocean-themed baby gear

Just as I start talking about stash-busting for Movember, I stop sewing! Well, that’s not quite true, I did get out a pair of bedpants (still unhemmed!) from some flannel I had hanging around (and even stashbusted some notions for that!), and I have a nice working list going of fabric scrap projects that don’t suck (wanna know the worst one? fabric scrap menstrual pads. Totally not joking. Totally not happening.).

But the Mr and I also got an invite to an ocean-themed baby shower – for two of his ocean scientist colleagues. And my stash was not going to do it for baby. I had to buckle down and buy some Minky, and I sewed up a couple projects from Burda 9635: Baby Accessories.

I sewed the bunting bag, and a couple of bibs (not figured).

bunting bag detail - narwhal applique

I used double-sided minky fabric in a custard colour, with cotton broadcloth for the applique/bias binding (using Colette’s continuous bias tape tutorial, as always). The parents don’t know the baby’s gender – but really, I went with this colour because it was the only colour my local (Dressew) had in double-sided Minky! (I could have done single sided minky, and they had an amazing white with blue background one that looks like the white foam on the crest of waves, but I didn’t want to have to either line it with minky on the inside for requisite softness for baby’s skin).

I had read terrible things about sewing minky, but it seemed okay to me. I serged most of the bunting bag, but the applique and bias bindings stitched up pretty well on my regular sewing machine. Of course, my sewing room looked like a blizzard hit it with minky fluff everywhere, but it’s nothing my dirt devil can’t handle. I am glad I heeded advice I found somewhere online to putting minky through the air dryer after cutting – thankfully my building has free laundry on every floor. I handpicked my zipper, as I almost always do. Not only do I find handpicking relaxing, but I find *not* sewing in a zipper by machine relaxing!*

The pattern came with a very adorable bear applique, but for this specifically ocean themed shower, I knew I had to change it up. I *can’t draw* and thought of using ocean themed cookie cutters for applique patterns, but found this adorable narwhal embroidery pattern on urban threads. Who doesn’t love narwhals? Who say that they love you too? I had heard that embroidering onto minky can be tricky due to the stretch, so we embroidered onto the broadcloth, cut it out, and then stitched it onto the minky.

The only annoying thing with this pattern is that the bunting bag pattern calls for 1.15 metres of 150cm wide fabric, and I used about .4 m less than that.  I hate it when patterns (vastly) overestimate yardage! I made an extra two bibs – one with a seal, and the other with an octopus applique – but they didn’t get photographed (Mr M being our resident picture-taker). I still have a ton of minky, and no idea what to do with it. 10 custard minky bibs!?

*Of course, I don’t yet have a zipper foot for my… new sewing machine!! A new to me 1951 Singer Featherweight in beautiful condition, bought from a featherweight specialist on ebay – in located in BC! I got it about 3 weeks ago, and a buttonholer, also an ebay purchase, is waiting for me at the post office. My old machine (which actually belongs to my non-sewing mom) is now my backup machine at my bf’s place. Since my featherweight is a straight stitch machine, I had to bring the project to his to zigzag the appliques on. Oh – and he helped me with the embroidery. Which, imho, makes him the awesome-est boyfriend ever! 🙂