The best laid plans…

No sooner did I post my spring 2012 plans then my bf and I at long last exchanged xmas pressies. He was away with his family until New Year’s, and brought back with him a suitcase of pressies – some of them for me 🙂 But more were to follow in the mail.

In short, on the 9th day of xmas we exchanged, and I am spoiled. Spoiled! Dressmaking shears (x 2!), embroidery scissors, three sewing books that I covet – Claire Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide, the Colette Sewing book, and Adele Margolis’ Make your Own Dress Patterns – which I couldn’t put down last night or this morning. The chapter on darts is thrilling.

And my sweetheart bought me fabric.

2.5 metres of beautiful, soft, drapey rayon in Claret. Well, I think it’s rayon. It looks a little like linen, but it’s got more softness and drape than linen typically does. It wrinkles up pretty well, so I’m confident it’s not polyester. I was about to do my first ever burn test on it, only to discover that I don’t seem to have any kind of lighter at home. Funny that.

I had a hunch that fabric was coming my way… after all, I got a text while my sweetie was home that was all about what bitches the fabric store ladies were in his smallish prairie city. Which makes me doubly appreciative of the gift! I know how horrible it is to go to a speciality store and to deal with snark. Not cool. I’m triply appreciative because I know how hesitant he’s been to buy me fabric… which colours would I want? Heavy or light? And how much?

The fabric is a bit persnickety – which again, leads me to think it’s rayon. I tried serging the ends before pre-washing, but you could pull the serging way with not too much effort! Even the selvages have a soft fray. As per Claire Shaeffer’s instructions for washing rayon, I handwashed it in lukewarm water, and it’s hanging to dry as I type. The colour runs. Like Usain Bolt. I’ll have to get some retayne (again, a Shaeffer rec. What a great book!!) to seal in the dye.

Now, what to do with my 2.5 metres? I feel like since it’s from a VIP, I should sew it up, and quickly. But I’m getting into paralysis territory… already. Should I do a dress? It would make a lovely Colette Truffle. (But I’m doing a wine coloured dress already… and it would make 3 wine coloured dresses in my wardrobe). Or separates? Again, it would be a lovely Colette Taffy (and I love the idea of making it out of 2 gifts!). I’ve wanted some rayon to re-do my Vogue 1247 top… first sewn in Satan’s own fabric (poly charmeuse). How about a skirt as well – the Cynthia Rowley simplicity skirt I just picked up? Or is this fabric just to delicate to withstand being a skirt…?

Funny – just writing this made me decide… Colette Taffy for sure.  Plus somethin’. I’ve noticed on the Taffies floating around the interwebs that the flutter sleeve can sometimes stand out pretty far from the arm. Is it the sleeve size, or the chosen fabric? My rayon is drip-drapey, and I might think about reducing the size of that circle on the pattern piece.


2 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. Oooohhh, how lucky are you??? Brilliant little pressies to begin the year with. And the fabric dilemma – what difficulties us sewers face on a daily basis. Good luck with your Taffy…it will quickly become a favourite…

  2. 🙂 I feel very spoiled and very blessed 🙂
    I muslined my Taffy last night, using some poly charmeuse in my scrap bin. As I thought, the sleeve is a bit too big for my tastes. I think I’m going to try to thin it out somewhat.

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