Stop the Presses! Burdastyle is translating instructions from Burda-ese to English!

Stop the Presses! Who is that? Just one of the Vicki Vales from the Batdance video. Bless Prince. has just announced that they have translated the instructions for roughly two dozen of their most recent sewing patterns from Burda-ese to English. This is the sound of music for those of us who love Burdastyle’s fashion forward designs, but quiver at their terse, and often incomprehensible, directions. The issue, I believe, is that the Burdastyle instructions are translations from the original German technical writing – and it never quite seems that they have a proper Enlgish speaking technical writer go over them to make sure they make sense to English readers.

Hopefully this means that Burdastyle’s instructions will be more… comprehensible… in future?



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