New Simplicities! (Spring 2012)

The release of new Simplicity patterns never gets as much attention as the Vogue pattern releases, but maybe it should. Of course, Simplicity’s offerings never get quite as ridiculous as Vogue’s. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of good stuff to note. Simplicity may well be my favourite of the Big 4… I’d own and sew more of their patterns, if only their international shipping wasn’t so crap, and if my nearest source wasn’t a solid half hour away by bus. It’s just so much easier to mail order Vogues and McCalls the every so often that they go on sale.

Anyway, there’s a lot to like in the Spring 2012 release. Like the two Cynthia Rowley patterns. The featured dress is super pretty – but maybe a little too ruffly for me. I’m digging 1872 as a top – and especially love those ties on the sleeves, though I would maybe take away a bit of the flounce on the bottom.

Rarely do I insta-love a pattern like 1873, also Cynthia Rowley. View C (featured in the photo) is fantastic – and almost identical to a Milly dress I was just coveting yesterday at Holt’s. Definitely a must-buy. Soon. Just imagine it in a silk twill!And while we’re talking about the fabulous patterns, I’m calling 1882 for the Best of 2012 list on Pattern Review. I’m loving that curved midriff and the collar. It’s going to be a hit. I want to sew this, though when I do, I’m going to chop a few inches off of that length. S’nice on a model, but on the rest of us, I’m thinking it could go a little matronly.

Have to admit, I’m really liking View B from S1897, a SuedeSays patterns (though View A… yikes…). I’m seldom keen on ruffles, but these are subdued enough to be pretty, but not prissy.

The Project Runway line has a really versatile dress pattern (1880, for wovens) that includes both shirtwaist and faux wrap versions. Maybe I’d sew it up if I took some of that fullness out of the skirts (things I’ve learned about myself… generally not into the full skirts). For faux wraps, I prefer New Look’s 6097 for knits – other than Rowley’s 1883 (above), it’s probably my favourite pattern of 2012.

1881, also Project Runway, would be just smashing for summer in a slinky knit… maybe a silk jersey. I love the short versions, and that nice defined midriff section.

I’m *also* loving options A and B from the 1884 sportswear collection. And I’m going to lay it out… I think that top is going to be one of the most under-the-radar patterns this year, and I think that if a company like Colette put it out (it looks like a Jasmine Sorbetto hybrid*), it’d be sewn up everywhere.

And lastly, I don’t think it’s a pattern collection if we can’t poke a little fun at something, right? I had to giggle at S 1889 Babies’ Sportswear.

I know… in the American fashion tradition, sportswear is more about coordinated separates than, well, sports. Still, seeing “Baby Sportswear,” I couldn’t but think – for what sport? Crawling!?

*speaking of which, I do love to make ice creams and sorbettos in the summertime, and a delicately flavoured Jasmine sorbetto sounds pretty delish…


6 thoughts on “New Simplicities! (Spring 2012)

  1. I`m not as much in like with Simplicity as you are, but I do agree they have some excellent patterns right now. I really hate the pattern envelopes they do for the Project Runway line, I find it almost impossible to see what the patterns actually look like and the SuedeSays series is even worse. Strangely though, the New Look Project Runway the pattern envelopes are exactly the opposite, clear and easy to see what you are getting. Why do they do that?

    1. I agree with you, Elle, on the envelopes. The New Look PR ones are pretty perfect. They look appealing and you can clearly see what the garment looks like. What a novel idea!
      I like that the Simplicity PR envelopes show a number of sketches, but the overall look is too busy. And they always photograph one that is matronly as s#*t. I have a couple of those patterns, but haven’t sewn them up yet. One thing I’ve heard about them is that the way they lay out the fabric requirements (add X metres for collar, Y metres for sleeves) have you overbuy like crazy.
      I feel the design of the SuedeSays envelopes is just trying too hard – and it’s too bad because some of the garments are nice (I like the little coat from a couple of collections ago).

    1. I’ll post the recipe in the summertime if I get around to making it! I got into making sorbets when I lived in Texas to deal with the crazy heat!

  2. I just discovered you via your PR review and I’ve been looking around your blog. We have pretty much the same selection of Simplicities. Will you be making a post about the Summer selection?

    Also, thank you for the fabric shop list! I’ve not gone to Vancouver (yet) but I have family there.

    1. Those summer ones came out so fast, eh? I should do a post on them; goodness knows I have the time on my hands these days!

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