new sewing adventure: city quilts!

These have been some tough weeks at Casa Muslinette: I’m job hunting. I’m hunting for my first real full time job, having spent a lot of years chasing a PhD and then a string of teaching gigs. It’s as tough as they say – the job hunting, I mean. Academia is so much more clear cut (write paper, succeed)!

Monday was an especially tough day – I got a rejection email for a job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago – and which I thought would be a perfect fit. I thought I rocked the interview. I have a phone call scheduled for early next week to get some feedback. Maybe it wasn’t me, and maybe it was. I’ll find out, and my earnest hope is that I’ll make a positive enough impression to expand my professional network.

Anyway, there I was on Monday evening, feeling very disappointed, and having a cheer up talk with my fellow. At one point, he asked me to close me eyes and to put my hands out. In came:

I’ve recently started expressing a bit of an interest in quilting, and my sweetie asked me to make him a quilt. I said, you know, a quilt is a lot of work. I’m willing to make us a quilt – meaning, when we decide to live together, I’ll make a quilt for our bed.


I’m excited to get quilt planning! The book has lots of great ideas. While it provides patterns (12), I love that it focuses on giving guidance on how one might design one’s own city quilt. How wonderful!

I checked into the software they recommend, Electric Quilt 6, and it’s just too much of an investment for me right now. I think we’re just going to play around with quilt design on illustrator, to come up with our perfect bedcover 🙂 <3.


2 thoughts on “new sewing adventure: city quilts!

  1. Ooh – I haven’t seen the inside of that book, but I like the looks of the cover. I’ve been thinking more and more about quilting lately… after so many hair-pulling episodes in garment sewing lately, all those straight seams look mighty appealing!

  2. Some of the projects are really cute! And a couple of days later, he gave me another quilting book: modern minimal. Those quilts are gorgeous! And i hear you on the straight seams! Not having to insert a zipper for awhile sounds pretty good… 🙂

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