moving on up

Because I need some money, and because a friend needs a cheapish (we’re talking vancouver…) place to live for four months, I’m renting my place to her as a summer sublet. I’ll be at my bf’s in the meantime – a trial run for moving together I guess, though I already stay here much of the time.

It’s a funny thing doing a half move. I don’t have to worry about moving my pull-out couch and other furniture, but am bringing my foodstuffs, summer clothes, some of my books, and most of my sewing gear. The bf has a 2nd bedroom that until the last couple of weeks was barely used. Now, we’re converting it to a little creative studio. It’s a nice place to work at during the day too! It’s on the 2nd floor, and while I don’t have much of a view beyond other highrises, I do get to watch the dogs walk by.

I’m so behind on posting projects! It’s because I have a hard time getting good pictures, and because I’ve been living in two places until now, only occasionally heading home to grab a change of clothes or two. I have a full vogue 1247 outfit, two pairs of trousers (V1051), and two skirts (simplicity 2512 and V1170) almost ready and waiting to blog up. And a Colette Macaron that I finished up ages ago. Of these, I’d say, the Macaron and the 1247 outfit that I’m wearing the hell out of, one of the trousers, and one of the skirts (thus far…) have been successful. The 1170 skirt fit right until I put the waistband on. I’m not sure what’s going on with that skirt + my body, but that thing is going far past my waist and up my ribcage. And I hong kong’d every last stinking seam! I hope that taking off the waistband and replacing it with a facing will make it work (Tim Gunn style, obvs).

I have another ambition project coming up – a spring blazer for the BF. He has a navy herringbone cotton twill blazer that he has worn past it’s best before date that he wants me to replicate. We’ve sourced a blue herringbone twill that he likes, and he’s cool with me cutting up the jacket to make a pattern from it. There isn’t a lot of tailoring involved at all – there’s a facing at the front, but that’s about it. No lining! I’m using a Burda men’s blazer pattern to guide me in drafting some of the pattern pieces, and in constructing the collar.

My job hunt has admittedly been sputtering. I have a teaching job lined up for May/June, which will give me some much needed cash. So I’m really looking for July. One of the annoying things about these teaching jobs are the weird hours – I teach in the late pm, twice a week. I imagine it’s difficult to find a f/t job that would allow me the flexibility in my hours to leave early twice a week to teach.

Truth be told, I had a rejection in mid March for a job I *really* wanted, and it’s been hard getting over that. I know I have to change my mindset towards seeing each these setbacks as one more step towards attaining my goal of gainful employment that pays enough that I can adopt a dog.


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