Say Yes part two (in which I demonstrate my indecisiveness)

I am aware of how indecisive I am, and I’m aware it’s not a good thing. I’m so indecisive that I usually shop (fabric, fashion, shoes) alone, because I know how annoying my deliberations can be to others. I thought I had settled on Butterick 5485 for my floral poplin, but now I’m thinking of Burdastyle 07/2011 #110. It’s an edgier pattern, I think…

Bstyle 07/2011 #110 sans constrast panels
Bstyle 07/2011 #110. 

The fabric:


The other contender:


B5485 (above) is more classically pretty dress, and I do like it, even though I need to figure out how to to halve that midriff band. I haven’t worked it out yet because the narrowest part of the waist is at the bottom of the band. Do I take the extra length off the top, and lengthen the bodice piece accordingly? Or take it off the bottom, and re-draw the side seams so that they hit their narrowest point an inch or so higher?

The advantage of the Burdastyle pattern, beyond its more obvious edginess is that i have it pegged for an autumn wool crepe dress. It’d be nice to get any pattern issues out of the way on a less expensive fabric (and one that I don’t love as much) before making the wool crepe version. This is also one of the Burda patterns where they show you how to make it. And use complete, grammatically correct sentences. (unlike that last one.)

Of course, it’s just a piece of fabric and I know I should just make a decision and cut it already. After I finish the two jackets I’m working on…

(In my defense, there are some things I’m not indecisive about. Linings, for instance. Bemberg or nothing. My god I love that stuff!)

Unrelatedly, I am so lucky – I may seldom win things, but it seems that when I do, I win pretty big. I am the lucky winner of a copy of Susan Khalje’s Bridal Couture – a book I have been coveting for some time. Hugest thanks to Elle. Elle’s giveaway was a paying-it-forward giveaway, so at some point in the future, I will host a giveaway. While there is no way I can match or top this incredible win,  I’ll put my thinking cap on.


6 thoughts on “Say Yes part two (in which I demonstrate my indecisiveness)

  1. Ok, I left you a lengthy reply and the internet ate it, waaaah!

    Let me start over.

    I have that Burda dress as a UFO on the To Sew List for this summer’s Sewing Marathon of Death. Since I teach at night and on Sat am during the school year, my sewing time is cut sooo short, I am miserable!

    And I have that Butterick in the stash but never made.

    Moving on. Re: narrowing the midriff, IMO, splitting it in two horizontally and adding that length to the bodice is the best option, if I understood what you wanted to do correctly. You will probably have to add to the width of the midriff bands because the bodice pieces have gathers and darts so cut the narrowed midriffs in two again and align CF/CB and side seams first then fill in the gaps.

    Ok, moving the Burda up on the list, because of you. Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks so much for your detailed reply, L! I spent a few minutes measuring the midriff band today, and the distance from the top to the bottom is 3/8″. I’m glad it’s not more severe than that… for that piece, I should be able to fold out what I don’t want from the length (1 1/4″ inch or so), and smooth out the seamlines.

      As for transferring it to the bodice length, I think a muslin is definitely in order!

      It’s especially in order because when I was looking at the pattern pieces, I also noticed that I want to change the under-bust gathering. The intake is 2.5″. I really dislike underbust gathering (gathering in general) and I’d like to convert that fullness into a couple of darts. Good thing I enjoy pattern manipulation!

  2. As a gal prone to prints, I think that the 2nd choice would be best- that Burda has some fab bodice detail that might not get center stage with a print camouflaging it- you’d look great in both tho!

    1. I’m definitely leaning towards the butterick, though I do want to do some pattern work on it. That bigass midriff really bugs me!! I’m not a fan of underbust gathers, and I don’t think the poplin will gather well as it has some body.

      Really want to get it all done because it’s suddenly gotten really hot in Vancouver. Ok, you will LAUGH. Really hot here = 80-85 *but* we’ve got 70-80% humidity too. Laugh away though. I get it; used to live in Texas!

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